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We don't take on clients.
We take on causes.


For over a decade, Broadview Strategy Group Inc. has worked with clients who have big goals and often narrow pathways to success. We always begin by understanding your goals and developing a customized strategy to help you win on your terms. We deliver winning public affairs, public relations and strategic marketing campaigns for clients.

Public Affairs

We are not your average public affairs firm. We play for keeps and work with clients to win on their terms.

Public Relations

Our public relations campaigns are distinguished by a high intensity and unique approach to building a narrative. 


Broadview’s marketing campaigns are data driven and designed to achieve clear goals, with targeted strategies. 

Digital services

You cannot have a public affairs, public relations or marketing campaign without solid design and digital services. 



Number of Years Broadview Strategy Group has been in Business


Amount of Money Provincial Governments Have Spent Due To Broadview Public Affairs Campaigns


Best Return on Investment for a PR and Marketing Campaign For a Braodview Client


Number of Wedding Dresses a Broadview PR Campaign Sold In Sixty Days

What metrics will define success for your campaign? Get in touch so we can help you win on your terms.

Businesses, Community Groups, Individuals, and Industry Associations

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