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Broadview Strategy Group Inc. was formed in 2011 to create a nimble firm that would prioritize client outcomes above all else, while offering affordable services to everyone from individuals and community associations, to not for profits, small and medium sized businesses and even publicly traded companies.

We built our reputation on high intensity public relations campaigns that layered in effective advertising and public affairs strategies, winning numerous long odds fights with entrenched interests or government policy on the other side. 

As we've grown, we've begun offering public affairs advocacy with public relations and strategic marketing as standalone services, enabling us to help a larger group of clients success. 

Who We Work With

Our clients range from a solopreneur with an idea, to publicly traded companies. From a newly formed community association to an industry association representing 60,000 jobs. We've worked with charities, municipalities, schools, and not-for-profits as well. 


From individual artists and small business owners to music festivals to food producers to racehorse people to mental health organizations, amusement parks, and casinos, Broadview Strategy Group Inc. has worked with clients across Canada and the United States to build brands, change public opinion, and alter government legislation and regulation. 

What unites our clients is a clearly articulated goal or goals and a strong desire to achieve success working together. Does this sound like you?


Get in touch for a complimentary consultation and proposal on how we can help!

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