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As of April 2023, Broadview Strategy Group is not actively seeking new public affairs clients.

Broadview Strategy Group Inc.'s clients successfully beat long odds frequently by following our unique public affairs playbook. We don't quietly argue your point politely on your behalf. We create conditions where decision-makers see public interest in your ask, and will work with you to implement -- however far apart you are when we meet. 


How Our Public Affairs Advocacy Works

We aren’t the type of agency who says “we have a relationship with so-and-so”. That is a tired form of public affairs that is highly vulnerable to “get you next time” responses from decision makers. You want someone who is empowered to advocate for your interests and create winning conditions for you, without worrying about the impact that may have on their relationships with others.

While we’ve got experience working in a number of different jurisdictions, our approach is not conditional on having connections – it’s always built on creating a campaign that ensures our client has the credibility, a place on the agenda and the intensity behind their ask to be heard and listened to. 


Our team has won public affairs battles repeatedly even after the government official responsible for the decision has told our client, publicly and privately, that it's a lost cause and to give up. The reason it isn’t, is because we don’t rely on our friends to help our clients out, we rely on winning the argument and creating enough pressure to win.

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